The Russians began to return currency to the banks

In may, the Russians again began to replenish foreign currency deposits in banks, making a total of their deposits of about 721 million dollars. It follows from the data of the Central Bank.

On June 1, the total amount of funds on the foreign currency deposits amounted to 88,97 billion dollars.

During the first four months the citizens, on the contrary, took away the currency. The greatest outflow occurred in March, this month amid the panic in the stock markets and a sharp decline in the fed rate (the number of banks simply refused from dollar deposits), the Russians withdrew from the deposits of nearly five billion dollars.

As told RBC senior analyst at Moody's Semyon Isakov, on customer behavior could be impacted by the falling yield of ruble deposits. By June the average maximum rate on ruble deposits in the largest banks has decreased to 5.01% per annum, updating the historical minimum. Director of rating Agency Alexander Proklov NKR believes that the increase in foreign currency deposits suggests that the Russians became less disturb the economic situation.