The data Telegram of millions of users appeared in the Network

On one of the forums on the darknet (the informal segment of the world wide web) there was a database, which contains information about several million users of the messenger Telegram. This writes the portal "Code Durova".

The data file weighs in at about 900 MB. Using the database as nick user to know his phone number and a unique identifier. When you check the version of portal found the phone numbers of the employees.

The press service of the Telegram confirmed the fact of existence of the database, explaining that the information is collected via the built-in function to import contacts even when the user registration. The company representatives added that no single service that allows users to chat with contacts from your phonebook, can not completely eliminate such overkill.

Telegram also said that most of the merged accounts is irrelevant. The messenger introduced a feature "Who can add me to your contacts by phone number". This setting makes it difficult to use for ordinary users (they become invisible even to those who know their number), however, allows you to completely hide the connection between the account and phone number.