Artists have accused Hollywood in the maintenance of the cult of the white race

More than 300 artists, including actors Idris Elba, viola Davis and Octavia Spencer have accused Hollywood in praise of the police and the preservation of the heritage of the culture of white supremacist, according to the publication Variety, which cites the text of the letter.

The authors of the letter — actor Kendrick Sampson has, actress Tessa Thompson and activists Petrissa Callers and Melina Abdullah — refer to "allies in Hollywood" and please stop glamorizing the police and make greater contribution to the African-American community.

The letter was signed by many black artists, among them Hedvig Bosman, Anthony Mackie, danaus Gurera, Billy porter and others.

"How Hollywood and other media have contributed to the criminalization of black people has distorted the image of the legal system and idealized corruption and rigidity of the police, had serious consequences for the lives of African Americans", — is spoken in the letter.

"White people make up the smallest demographic group of the population in the world, but their stories are considered to be universal," — said in the letter.

"Because of the huge influence of Hollywood on politics and culture, racism, discrimination and "glass ceilings" that black people in Hollywood routinely, have a direct impact on the lives of black people everywhere," the authors write.

Every time when Hollywood chooses a black writer, actor, Director or assistant, "continues to live the legacy of the" ideas of white supremacy, and "life of African Americans in Hollywood and across America becomes less safe."

"We have every right to demand changes... prove that black lives matter to Hollywood, taking bold steps... to protect the lives of African Americans and to invest in them," claim the authors.