In Volgograd after restoration will open the monument "the Motherland calls!"

Solemn opening of the sculpture "the Motherland calls!" on Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd will take place on Wednesday, reported RIA Novosti Director of the Museum-reserve "battle of Stalingrad" Alexei Dementiev.

Earlier it was reported that work on the monument "the Motherland calls!" on Mamaev Kurgan in preparation for the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, fully completed, in late April, planned the Grand opening of sculpture after the restoration, but due to restrictions during the regime of isolation in the region, the event had to be postponed.

"The official opening of the monument after restoration will take place on June 24," - said Dementev. He noted that the event is expected the participation of the Minister of culture of the Russian Federation Olga Lyubimova.

Earlier it was reported that on June 24 at Mamaev Kurgan will take place the concert of the Victory with participation of famous Russian singers, the live broadcast of the concert will show the channel "Russia".

In may 2019, the specialists of JSC "Glossaryentry" began restoration of the monument, for these purposes from the Federal budget allocated about 670 million rubles. Specialists found more than 13 thousand cracks in the sculpture, which needed to be eliminated, in addition, "the Motherland" from dirt and covered with a protective layer, as a result, the monument became lighter.

The memorial complex "to Heroes of Stalingrad battle" - a unique structure, its total length from bottom to top is 820 meters. The compositional center of the ensemble is the sculpture " the Motherland calls!". The monument depicts a woman holding a sword in his hand. Figure dominates not only on the Mamaev Kurgan, but the city, it is visible for tens of kilometers. The height of the monument is 85 meters with a sword, 52 meters without a sword. The sword length is 33 meters, its weight is 14 tons. The entire monument weighs 8 tons. At the base of the sculpture is not fixed, it stands under its own weight.