Military parade and festive concerts will be shown on TV

The broadcast of the military parade dedicated to the 75-th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic war, concerts from the red square and Mamayev Kurgan, as well as domestic films and TV shows about the war will show the Russian broadcaster 24 June, according to the published TV schedule.

The main event of the day broadcast which will be carried out on all leading channels, will be a parade dedicated to the 75-th anniversary of Victory. Start broadcast on "Russia 1", the First, NTV, Ren TV and TV Center is scheduled for 10.00.

"Russia 1" at 8: 15 will show the documentary "Parade of winners". At 14.00 there will be a transmission ceremony of presenting State awards of the Russian Federation. In addition, the grid listed the movie "the Legend №17", "Crew", "Coach", and a concert of the Victory at Mamaev Kurgan in Volgograd.

The first channel will show at 21.30 gala concert from the red square. During the day, the scheduled broadcast of the series "Saboteur. The end of war."

In the TV program of NTV on 24 June the Prime Minister indicated military drama "Operation "the Deserter" and a series of detective Dog. 23.40 will be showing a special episode of "house concert Margulis", timed to the Victory Day.

Live TV Center in honor of the feast of mainly educational programmes and feature films. In particular, the broadcaster will air the program "a Win – two parade," the military series "Battle for Moscow" and "Road to Berlin".

STS this Wednesday will present viewers with entertainment content, namely the show "Ural dumplings", "Taxi 4" and "Fantastic four". Live Ren TV on 24 June – a film "We from the future" and "escape Plan". TNT, in turn, will show episodes of TV series "Univer", "Interns" and "I".