Dog heroes: how four-legged friends brought closer the Day of Victory

Almost 70 thousand dogs took part in the fighting on the fronts of the great Patriotic war in military units of the red and then Soviet army. Along with the soldiers they were starving, freezing and IOC in the trenches, threw themselves under the tanks and blow up enemy trains. Animals along with people have shown resilience, courage and heroism, bringing the Day of Victory. About dogs who have made a contribution to the victory over fascism, RIA Novosti was told in the Russian kennel Federation (RKF).

During the war, all war front was trained and formed 17 battalions of sappers and miners, 14 groups of dogs-fighters armored vehicles, 37 battalions of sled dogs, two specialized squad, four battalions of communication troops. Dog medics brought the wounded to the medical bag, saving them from death. Dog handlers during the war years delivered more than 200 thousand reports, and reached more than eight thousand kilometers telephone cable, dogs-mine detectors checked 15 153 kilometers of military roads. Dogs not only help to save human lives, but also sacrificed their. Dog-"kamikaze" blew up more than 300 armored vehicles of the enemy. The first tank was blown up by a dog a month after the outbreak of war - July 27, 1941 under Rogacheva.

As described in the RCF, the most famous four-legged sapper – Dzhul'bars. "True as mine-search service," called his handlers.

The dog was able to detect 7 468 min and 150 shells on the territory of Czechoslovakia, Austria, Romania and Hungary. He was involved in the clearance of Prague castles, cathedrals and palaces of Vienna over the Danube.

"With its excellent sense of smell and instinct shepherd sappers defused mines on the grave of Taras Shevchenko in Kaniv and in the Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev. 21 March 1945 Dzhul'bars was awarded the medal "For military merit", - told in RKF. On 24 June 1945 he became an honorary participant of the parade on red square. Given at the end of the war injuries the dog could not travel. The dog-hero with a bandaged paws were paraded through red square at that time chief cynologist of the country, the commander of the 37-th separate engineer battalion mine detectors major Alexander Mazover.

Another dog-sapper - collie dick. During the great Patriotic war, he found more than 12 thousand mines, taking part in the clearance of Stalingrad, the Ukraine, Prague and other cities. The most famous achievement – the salvation of the Pavlovsk Palace. "In the above sheets is written down "an hour before the explosion found laid in the Foundation of a 2,500-pound bomb," - said in RKF.

After Victory, the hero-minesweeper returned to the owner and, despite multiple injuries, was a multiple winner of dog shows. The dog lived to a ripe old age and was buried with full military honors.

Dina – the first in the red Army dog-saboteur. She participated in the "rail" the war in Belarus. "Dean jumped onto the rails before the approaching German military echelon, dumped the packs with a charge, teeth pulled the pin on the primer-igniter, rolled down the embankment and raced into the woods," he told the handlers.

Thanks to the successful mission was destroyed 10 cars of the enemy and incapacitated a large part of the railway. Later shepherd Dina participated in the demining of the city of Polotsk. During one of the operations in a German hospital dog found "mine-surprise" hidden in the mattress.

Dog sledding during the war, evacuated from the battlefield more than 650 thousand wounded, and also took a huge amount of weapons, ammunition, and food. "Dog-men, and they were found on the battlefield wounded and brought them aid, the soldiers deservedly called "furry angels", - told in RKF. They pulled the wounded from the battlefield there, where they could not get military medics brought medical supplies to fighters who could bandage himself, was carrying a small backpack with all medications necessary for first aid.

So, Laika named Bobby with their conductor Dmitry Torgovym assisted 1 580 wounded, and another dog - Mukhtar - have taken about 400 men, including their guide corporal Zorin, who received a concussion from a bomb.

A dog called Bulba worked as a liaison on the front. During the war, gave more than a thousand dispatches and paved hundreds of kilometers of cable. But sometimes, instead of documents, the dog was brought to the front the ammunition for the soldiers. "One cold November day Rex three times crossed the Dnieper, delivering important documents from one Bank to another. In its front biography Rex was several times wounded, but each time returned to the system," he told the handlers.

The legendary dog-scout named Fog in the Soviet commandos operated behind enemy lines. He was able to silently take down a sentry on post, and make a deadly grip in the back.

Another scout – Jack. With his guide a corporal Novella by Chicagolove they went through the war. Together they have 12 times left to the rear of the Germans. On their account more than 20 captured enemy officers with operational information and important information. One day Jack helped the corporal to capture valuable soldier from Glogau – an ancient fortress on the Oder, is considered the most important stronghold of the Nazis.