Muscovite told about neighbours found the children "for sale"

A resident of Moscow in an interview with "Fifth channel" commented on the situation with the discovery of five small children in an apartment on the North-East of the capital.

On the eve of the Investigative Committee reported that babies found in an apartment on the street Argunovskaya. Previously, from six days to six months. Children were two women. Set who they have kids. A criminal case on human trafficking.

The interviewee said that in the beginning of the year I met a girl and her elderly mother, who lived in the room where they found children. They came to Russia from China.

The woman said that he met several times with the neighbors on the landing.

The police believe that children birth to a surrogate mother. The Commissioner for children's rights in Moscow Olga Yaroslavskaya said, one of the two women who were children in the apartment, the nanny is Chinese, the second is probably the mother of one of them.