In Vladivostok on Victory day parade have been "Bastions" and T-34

More than 1.5 thousand soldiers and cadets, samples of historical and modern military equipment took part in the Victory parade in Vladivostok.

This year due to the epidemiological situation, the parade was held in Vladivostok in compliance mask mode, the "social distance" and without spectators. In the Central square brought together representatives of the authorities and a few guests – veterans of the war. They, and all the demonstrators and media representatives, the number of which this year is also restricted due to epigastralgia were tested for coronavirus. Residents of the city and region were able to watch the broadcast live.

In total in the parade in Vladivostok was attended by about 1.5 thousand people, including soldiers, historical ceremonial calculations, the representatives of the interior Ministry and the emergencies Ministry, the main calculation of the Cossack troops, the students of Vladivostok branch of the Nakhimov naval schools- their drummers led the operation.

Following military on the main street of the city went 57 units of military and special vehicles: new BTR-82A armored vehicles, BRDM-2рх, infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2, self-propelled artillery installations 2C1 "Carnation" self-propelled multiple rocket launcher systems fire BM-21 "Grad", coastal missile complexes "Bastion" and the air defense - air defense system "OSA" anti-aircraft missile and gun system "Carapace-C1" and anti-aircraft missile systems s-400.

For the first time in the parade took part armored vehicles "Tiger" and recently enrolled in the marine corps of the Pacific fleet T-80BV. Mechanized column was headed by a restored T-34 tank participating in the battle of Stalingrad. Fighting vehicle named after the participant of the great Patriotic war tanker Yefim Goldberg, who came to Berlin. The parade ended with the passage of the composite orchestra of the Pacific fleet.

At the same time a parade was held in Ussuriysk, in it have taken part about 2 thousand servicemen of the Eastern military district. This year it doubled the number of historical calculations. In the parade were the pupils of the Ussuri Suvorov military school, war paratroops connections, military units of the MTO and the two main calculation servicemen women.

For the first time in the composition of the mechanized column in Ussuriysk were military machines: multi-purpose two-tracked tractors "Aleut" and army all-terrain vehicles AM 1. On the square showed the launcher "Iskander-M", "Buk-M1 system", "Sun", "Tornado". In all, the Victory Parade will be in the city involved about 100 vehicles and led the convoy to the famous GAZ-AA "Polutorka".

On Wednesday evening, and artillery crews of the Pacific fleet in Vladivostok will adalatwhat 30 blank volleys of artillery shells and launching more than 300 fireworks shots. For sound uses two howitzers D-30.