Part of Obama at campaign event Biden brought in $7.6 million

Former US President Barack Obama on Tuesday participated in a pre-election event by his longtime colleague and now presidential candidate from Democrats on a post of the head of state Joe Biden.

The event due to the ongoing epidemic of the coronavirus took place in a virtual format and broadcast on the website of the election Biden, and both policies were in different places.

In the beginning, Biden said that before the event, donations to his campaign came from 175 thousand voters for a total amount of 7.6 million dollars, which he called a record.

The headquarters of Biden and his main rival the incumbent President, Republican Donald trump reported on the funds collected in may. For the first time during the election campaign, the democratic candidate was able to raise more funds is 80.8 vs $ 74 million.

Obama was President in 2009-2017 years, and is still perhaps the most popular politician among voters-Democrats. Biden in these years was Vice President.

The U.S. presidential election will be held on 3 November.