On Kuban deputies approved the incentive payments to providers edge

The deputies of the Krasnodar territory have approved incentive payments to health workers in the region, the press service of the Legislative Assembly of the territory (ZSK).

It is noted that the deputies of the region during the next session of the legislative Assembly on Tuesday amended the budget of the territorial Fund of obligatory medical insurance (TFOMS) of Krasnodar region for the year 2020 and the planning period of 2021 and 2022.

The Ministry clarified that the cash incentive payments to health workers for detection of cancer in the course of carrying out of prophylactic medical examination and preventive medical examinations of the population it is planned to send 37.2 million rubles.

"Nearly half a billion rubles will go to the budget of our territorial Fund of obligatory medical insurance from the Federal MHIF. They will go to the salaries of doctors and nurses, incentive payments to certain categories of health workers. Today we all with hope and gratitude look at people in white coats that help protect us from many threats" - are reported words of the speaker of legislative Assembly Yury Burlachko.

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