Twitter has marked the message trump as a "threat of violence"

Twitter placed next to the tweet of US President Donald trump about "Autonomous zones" of the protesters a warning that its contents contain threats people.

The message was published on the morning of 23 June and said that Washington will never be "Autonomous zones".

"If they try, they will be met with serious force!" - completed trump your message.

He wrote it after a group of protesters tried a day earlier to block traffic near the White house, set up tents and declare it the "Autonomous zone" by analogy with a quarter in Seattle, where he was exiled by the police.

Now a tweet is not available in the ribbon of the trump, and the access to it for a direct link, the text opens only after the user has read the warning and confirm that you want to read the text. The message you can't simply retweet, this can only be done with your own review.

"This tweet violated Twitter rules on abusive behavior. However, Twitter decided that it could be in the public interest that the tweet was still available," - said in the warning.

In a special Twitter channel where I explain the decision, stated that the violation concerns, "in particular, the presence of threats of harm to an indefinite group of people."

Previously, Twitter had already marked one of the messages trump special icon also supplied it with a link to the so-called "fact-checking", thus de facto accusing the President of lying. The link led to a series of articles by the media with conflicting information.