The head of the "Autonomous zone" of Seattle spoke about the purpose of protest

Protesters in Seattle (Washington state), who seized several districts of the city, which was renamed the "Autonomous area of Capitol hill" (CHAZ), never planned to secede from the United States, told RIA Novosti the leader of the movement David Lewis.

"Even that night, when CHAZ was released, a couple of the organizers returned to the baseball field (the area where the protesters - ed.) and explained that we are in any case not separated from America, in any case not separated from the city that it is - the organized protest, which aims to put an end to police brutality. At least in Seattle and, hopefully, in our country," he said.

Lewis stated that someone unknown, self-proclaimed anarchist, said that the territory which was seized by the protesters, will be called the "Autonomous area of Capitol hill" without telling the organizers. He noted that the movement does not share these views.

Earlier, the protesters in Seattle was announced in the Central part of the city "Autonomous zone", police officers were ordered to leave the area to reduce tensions. NBC News reports that, according to local residents, Monday in the area was from 200 to 250 tents installed by protesters.

Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump wrote on Twitter that "domestic terrorists seized Seattle", and criticized the Governor of Washington state Jay and Margie reiger mayor Jenny Durkan that, in his opinion, do not struggle with the disorder. In response to this Durcan advised Trump to "get back to the bunker".