Cannon responded to the demands of Ukraine to pay hundreds of millions of dollars

Senator Alexei Pushkov has compared Ukraine with a "parasitic state" amid allegations of a multimillion-dollar debt to Russia before Kiev.

Earlier, the Deputy head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry Vasily Bodnar stated that Moscow needs the Kiev authorities for the lease of naval bases in the Crimea several hundreds of millions of dollars that were not paid after the return of the Peninsula to Russia.

"In Kiev, now the dream to get Russia "hundreds of millions of dollars" that she allegedly owed Ukraine 2014 for the black sea fleet. Constantly screaming "we should all" can only be a parasitic state. As usual, from Ukraine comes nothing except outstretched hands," Senator wrote on Twitter.

After disintegration of the USSR the black sea fleet was part of the Russian Armed forces, despite claims by the Kiev authorities. Finally, the question was settled in 1997 in the framework of the "Big Treaty" on friendship and cooperation, which was signed by President Boris Yeltsin and his Ukrainian counterpart Leonid Kuchma.

Among other things, the contract also included three documents regulating the parameters of division of the BSF, the conditions of his stay on the territory of Crimea and financial issues associated with deployment.

In 2010, the presidents of Russia and Ukraine signed the Kharkiv agreement extending the lease of bases for ships of the black sea fleet in Crimea for 25 years from 2017.

After the return of the Crimea in 2014, the Russian side announced the termination of the four agreements.