"Rosatom" began the phased lifting of sanitary restrictions on nuclear power plants

Russian NPP started the gradual lifting of restrictions which were introduced in April this year on the background of the situation with coronavirus infection, said Tuesday the Department of communication of JSC "concern Rosenergoatom" (which is included in the electric power division of Rosatom).

The corresponding order was signed on 23 June 2020, the General Director of "Rosenergoatom" Andrei Petrov.

"The order also contains a number of recommendations (based on the recommendations of the CPS), which identifies specific indicators for a phased withdrawal, or (depending on situation) on the contrary, the introduction of additional restrictive measures in the enterprises. They include, for example, the prevalence of infection", - stated in the message.

"Currently work in almost the usual way already embarked on a number of Russian nuclear power plants where due to the high consciousness of people there has been a steady trend towards reduction of morbidity and no complications of the sanitary-epidemiological situation, including the city of location (of a particular nuclear power station)," said Petrov, whose words are reported.

According to him, today, despite a positive trend on the Russian NPPs continue to be made, all necessary measures to protect the health of employees and ensure safe and continuous operation of the stations.

Russian NPP as life support enterprises in the period of the pandemic continued to generate electricity for the country. The continuity of the production processes was achieved through the organization of a special regime of work of specialists working at nuclear installations. They were the special terms of accommodation in sanatoria-dispensaries, meals, leisure, special and constant medical control. Assistance to families was provided by volunteers from among the members of the youth organizations of nuclear power plants and city public organizations.

"Currently, all nuclear power plants in Russia continue to operate normally. Compliance with all protective measures remains the same: in the field to conduct the necessary preventive measures to ensure safety of personnel, constant monitoring of the health, including regularly held temperature measurement, disinfection of premises and vehicles, the personnel are equipped with PPE. Staff providing services are translated into remote mode", - said the press service of Rosenergoatom.

A total of 11 nuclear power plants in Russia operate 36 units of different capacities, as well as floating unit "Academician Lomonosov". The total installed capacity of all power units is on the order of 30.3 GW.

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