Kudrin reacted to Putin's proposal to cut taxes in the IT sector

The head of the chamber Alexei Kudrin has called the tax cuts in the IT-sector breakthrough measure.

On Tuesday, President Vladimir Putin proposed a number of changes from 2021 to the system of taxation. Among other things, the President called for the abolition of the flat rate tax on incomes of physical persons – citizens with incomes of more than 5 million rubles per year will pay 15 percent tax on funds in excess of this amount. The money will be used for the treatment of children with orphan diseases. The President also proposed tax maneuver in the IT industry.

"Lowering taxes for IT-companies on insurance premiums to 7.6 percent and income tax to 3 percent – quite a breakthrough action. Important details: how to fall into the category of IT companies and how it will be governed by this kind of enterprises. Interesting challenge," Kudrin wrote on Twitter.

Also the head of audit chamber noted that the selective tax that goes to a specific purpose, it is proposed for the first time in the country.