Volodin called as soon as possible to make decisions on the support of the Russians

The state Duma will prepare a legislative resolution on the implementation of measures to support citizens and the economy, announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and take them as quickly as possible, said the Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin.

Earlier Putin in his address to Russians proposed to abandon a flat tax scale, to extend preferential mortgage to reduce the tax burden on IT companies.

"The task of the State Duma – to prepare legislative decisions on the implementation of measures to support citizens and the economy, announced by the President, and take them out as soon as possible" - quoted Volodin in the press service of the state Duma.

He noted that the President forms new standards support citizens and the economy, and the scale of the challenges facing Russia today, it is difficult with something to compare. "But no one will be abandoned and left with their problems alone. It is now important that at all levels of government have followed the installations of the President. Worked for the benefit of people and provided assistance to those who need it," said Volodin.

The speaker stressed that the President keeps the situation with coronavirus in constant control. In his opinion, the proposed measures to support citizens and the economy show that the head of state considers them not as immediate, but as a strategic decision.

"This is a decision associated with changes in tax, support the IT industry, the construction industry through the creation of additional opportunities for citizens to take out a mortgage housing at concessional interest rates, with the support of the self-employed. The introduction of the personal income tax rate of 15% will be used to help the children suffering from orphan diseases, about 60 billion rubles. It is a standard solution, and even those whose incomes will be subject to this tax, will accept it with understanding", - said Volodin.

"Today all hard. Many countries are experiencing problems in the economy. However, in Russia everything that has been created, the reserves that have been accumulated, solve the issues of assistance to our citizens. Families with children who have lost their jobs. No country in the world there are no systematic measures of support for such a long time. At the time, when was formed the reserves of the national welfare Fund, there were proposals to spend the money. One can only speculate what would have happened if such advice has listened," said Volodin.