Experts told what foods better not to eat on the plane

Experts told what foods better not to eat on the plane, reports the Express.

In the preparation of in-flight catering airlines adhere to stringent safety standards. However, the use of some products may make your flight less pleasant: if the flight is delayed, some of the food could be unfit for human consumption.

Improper storage temperature of food is the main cause of indigestion. Many experts recommend passengers to buy food in the airport terminal or getting to your destination.

Jean Dibble called the number of products, the use of which in the plane is undesirable.

First, it is dairy products, including yogurt and ice cream. They deteriorate quickly when violation of rules of storage. For example, when the reproduction of bacteria Listeria, the product becomes unfit for human consumption, but apparently it does not determine – no odor, appearance does not change.

Second, it is meat. Give up on Board sandwiches with meat, advises Professor of food safety Aurora Saulo. Because they are not heat treated and may contain bacteria.

Ice is also prohibited. Recent tests showed that tap water in each of the eighth plane is not clean enough. It contained bacteria, and hence the ice for the drinks unsafe.

Another product from the use of which in the sky is better to refuse, — Fig. It's a great environment for bacteria, and often causes poisoning.