Putin thanked Mirziyoyev for coming to the parade of Victory in Moscow

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin expressed gratitude to his Uzbek counterpart Shavkat Mirziyoyev, for coming to the parade of Victory in Moscow and noted the unique relationship between the two countries.

"Very glad to see you, thank you, arrived on celebrations on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Victory parade. Very pleased that units of the Armed forces of Uzbekistan, I think 75 people will be held tomorrow in Moscow's red square. This is a very visible sign of our special allied relations," Putin said, welcoming the guest.

He said that he knew that the 9th of may Mirziyoev has opened in Tashkent the Victory parade. "In this regard, of course, we cannot forget that during the war went to the front of the 2 million inhabitants of Uzbekistan", - said Putin.

The Russian leader recalled that Uzbekistan during the great Patriotic war took men from all the republics of the USSR. According to him, a large number of industrial enterprises were moved to Uzbekistan, literally on wheels began to work in the interests of the front. "All this is our common history, our common achievement and our common victory," - said Putin.

The President also said that today Russia and Uzbekistan are developing independently, but between them a unique strategic and allied relations. Putin added that cooperation is in the area of economy, social services, combating terrorism, cooperating armed forces, is the interaction in the humanitarian sphere, in education and culture.

Mirziyoev thanked for the invitation of the President of Russia, congratulated him and the Russian people with the Victory day. He invited Putin to Uzbekistan, and also thanked the defense Ministry for access to archival documents of the great Patriotic war.

According to Mirziyoev, two years of work, the partnership between Russia and Uzbekistan was filled with the actual results. As an example, he cited the turnover at the end of last year increased by 18%. "It's a big number," he said, adding that the pandemic coronavirus a little frustrated the plans of the two countries.

Putin joked that the two countries are developing not only cultural ties, but also culinary, and invited a colleague to lunch.