In Mordovia from COVID-19 died two sisters — seven children left orphans

In hospital of Saransk died sisters from the village of Belozerye. One left two children, one five. While watching an elderly relative. After the death of the women in the village began mass testing for several days doctors bypass the house. The official data yet, but the head of the local administration told RIA Novosti that the symptoms COVID-19 have 40 people, two were taken away in an ambulance.

Guzel died June 16, the day passed away her sister Hamid. According to relatives, the hospital women fell in just a few days before. Guzel has long lived in Moscow, but in the summer together with her husband and children moved to Belozerye.

First symptoms appeared at hamidy, then came down Guzel, but died before my sister. "They got sick 5 or 6 June. Their long did not take to the hospital, said it's not so bad. Took, when the light was struck at 70% — have had little chance for a cure. Now children are ill, adults who are with them, too. A long chain of turns. The usual symptoms are like the flu, however, in the summer, in this heat because it usually does not happen. How so?" perplexed Mary.

Hamidi husband died ten months ago, now children — orphans. The parents of the dead women, and mother-in-law Hamida are in the hospital. Children with aunt. "But it hurts. Who close — catch is the most terrible."

Contracted third sister, Leila, but she was lucky: on the mend.

After the death of the sisters in the white lake region has started mass screening of the population. For four days the streets in anti-plague doctors costumes and knocking at every house.

"In the village panic, fear. Came nurses from the district hospital. The temperature was measured, but many don't, because every morning wakes up and takes the pills himself was appointed," says Maria.

To reach the national Ministry of health at the time of publication of the material could not, however, the head of administration of the white lake settlement Rasim Salikhov confirmed that Guzel and hamidy was a coronavirus. Now officially revealed only these two cases, but, most likely, soon the statistics will change. "Doctors have not done a full crawl for the day after finish. Today visited two thousand people. As far as I know, suspected coronavirus forty — one temperature, others smell not. Prescribe the treatment. Yes, there was panic, however, came representatives of the administration head of the Republic, the Ministry of health, district chief. People understand that they are not abandoned. The doctors explain everything, measure the temperature and saturation, if necessary, take the swab for analysis. If the patient is severe, call an ambulance and sent to the city. The two immediately drove to the hospital, the rest treated at home," — describes Salakhov.

It is also planned to complete sanitation of the village. "We bought the chemicals, coming emergency, all disinfects cemetery, houses, roads," — said the head of the administration. He admits, virtually no one in Belozerye did not believe that a pandemic will affect them, most even doubt the reality of the virus.

"It all started with two sisters. After they died, when they buried them in plastic bags, as infected people have realized that the threat really is. Before, few took it seriously," shrugs Salakhov.

Now in Belozerye there no longer are such, who think kovid invention. All I can think about is how to organize village life, so as not to infect himself and his family.