In Moscow has doubled payments to physicians CT-centers for work with COVID-19

Doctors outpatient CT centers in Moscow, providing medical care to patients with COVID-19 or suspicion on him, will receive financial incentives in the amount of 150 thousand rubles per month, nurses - 100 thousand, according to the materials for the meeting of the Moscow government Presidium on Tuesday.

The decision to increase twice the previously established payment signed by the Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin.

"Doctors outpatient CT centers directly providing medical care to patients with a confirmed diagnosis COVID-19 or suspected novel coronavirus infection, will receive additional financial incentives in the amount of 150 thousand rubles per month - the same as doctors coronavirus hospitals", - is spoken in the message.

Financial incentives paramedical staff will amount to 100 thousand rubles per month.

"The decision was taken in view of the fact that outpatient CT centers that identify Coveney pneumonia, perform a significant part of the functions of coronavirus hospitals and their workers are experiencing a comparable load and exposed to the same risks as the medical staff of the hospitals", - explained in the material.

It clarifies that the payments increased the amount of employees outpatient CT centers will be assessed over the entire period of operation from the date of conversion.

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