One in five of the country began to remove restrictions on tours

More than 20 percent of the States began to remove restrictions on tourist travel, while the boundaries of the 65 percent of the countries are completely closed to foreigners, according to the world tourism organization of the United Nations (UNWTO), the headquarters of which is located in Madrid.

As of 15 June in the context of individual countries and 48 destinations (22%) gradually remove restrictions on movement. A month earlier, on 18 may, such area was seven (three percent). In particular, began to open the borders 37 European countries, six countries of the American continent (five of which island), there are three priorities in the Asia-Pacific region (two island) and two States in Africa, the group says.

At the same time, the boundaries of the 141 countries of the world (65 per cent) remained completely closed for tourists. In Africa 85 percent of areas in America and 76 percent in the Asia Pacific region – 67 percent in the middle East – 92 percent, in Europe – 26 percent.

"However, the crisis is not over, and the WTO will continue to work with member States around the world to mitigate the impact of the pandemic, so that when the time comes, tourism could contribute to a responsible and sustainable recovery", he concluded.

The world health organization (who) on 11 March announced the outbreak of a new coronavirus infection COVID-19 pandemic. In many countries of the world against this pandemic have been introduced large-scale restrictions in the field of socio-economic life, including the closure of shops, restaurants, sports clubs, the ban on mass events, stop tourism due to restrictions on movement. Now began the process of gradual easing of quarantine measures, however, from the so-called "lockdown" the economy has suffered greatly.