The Finnish and Swedish embassies had an argument because of an article in a Russian newspaper

The Embassy of Finland and Sweden in Russia staged dispute on the Internet for articles in the newspaper "Miass worker" about the countries with the largest number of lakes on the planet.

Edition "Miass worker" published on Tuesday an article about the countries with the largest number of lakes. According to the newspaper, Finland and Sweden share third place, that drew the attention of the Finnish Embassy in Russia.

Message colleagues from Finland commented on the Swedish Embassy in Moscow. "Congratulations, the neighbors, you have a beautiful lake! Next time offer to count the Islands. Sweden - 222 000 (first in the world), Finland has 188 000 (second)," wrote the Swedish Embassy in Twitter.

Counselor of the Finnish Embassy in Moscow concerning the press Taneli Dobrowolski told RIA Novosti that actively reads the Russian press, including the newspaper "Miass work."

"Always interesting to see what happens in the Russian regions and what was written about Finland," he said.