More than a hundred foreign journalists visited the Main temple of the Armed forces

More than 100 foreign journalists visited the Main temple of the armed forces and the gallery of the "Road of memory" in Moscow, told reporters on Tuesday in the defense Ministry.

"More than 100 journalists from CIS countries, Europe, Asia and the USA visited the Shrine erected in honor of the 75th anniversary of victory in the great Patriotic war", - told in the defense Ministry.

The journalists were acquainted with the elements of the decoration of the temple, could see the Central apse, dedicated to the Resurrection of Christ and made of a metal terrain, with icons and iconostasis, crafted of copper with enamels, as was done at the marching military icons.

Foreign journalists saw the image of the Saviour in the Central dome of the temple - the largest image of the face of Christ, done in mosaic.

Foreign guests were shown the halls and galleries of the Museum complex "Road of memory", where are located the historical exhibits of the great Patriotic war including photographs, documents, awards, weapons, personal belongings of soldiers and officers. They visited the Museum under the open sky "Field of Victory" and memorial "to the Mothers of the winners."

According to the correspondent for the Cuban news Agency Prensa Latina Antonio Rondon, he was struck by the efforts that Russia is making to preserve the memory about the great Patriotic war, especially in terms of media campaigns aimed at belittling the feats of the Soviet people and its contribution to the victory.

"In the case of our country we understand this from childhood. We are proud of the victory of the Soviet people. We study it in history and honor the memory," said Rondon.

Journalists of the Chinese TV channel CCTV impressed with the grandeur of the Main temple of the armed forces. According to the reporter Zhu Jing, the temple is attractive not only as a religious building but also an architectural object.