Natalia Koneva: boots almost ruined father's Victory Parade

Among many military leaders who have passed a solemn March across the cobblestones of red square on the Victory Parade June 24, 1945, and was one of the greatest generals in the history of Russia, twice hero of the Soviet Union, holder of the order "Victory" Marshal Ivan Stepanovich Konev.

What feelings experienced Marshal Konev, cutting then the step that gave him melodramatist whom he considered a symbol of the present guards of the General and before the parade was nearly spoiled especially made for Marshall boots and spurs, in an interview with RIA Novosti told his daughter Natalia Konev.

— On the newsreels shows how a father is headed composite regiment of the 1st Ukrainian front at a measured pace on the red square, and it is clear that there is a man who feels great joy. And indeed it is. The Pope recalled that the taste of Victory, this triumph he felt exactly 24 June 1945, but not before.

It's very good. I'm proud of it. But I must say that the combined regiment of the 1st Ukrainian front at the rehearsals, which took place at Dresden, trained very intensively and carefully. Directly preparations for the parade was performed by the father appointed major-General, very beautiful, the combat corps commander Gleb Vladimirovich Baklanov.

But anyway, dad was very energetic, impetuous man. Fit for him were his soldiers. I have kept the card, written to the Pope after the war by the tanks of the 7th guards mechanized corps of the 1st Ukrainian front. It was just amazing words: "even Though we all already retired, but we have not lost the battle and military partnership, which was different from all fronts our glorious and fastest of the 1st Ukrainian front. No wonder the enemies You called Marshal Forward".

— No, by hand, in pen, even a blot. And so this is also so touching. But if to speak about here that my father's vigor with which he walked through red square, then surely he remembered and your old, published before the First world war tutorial – manual for noncommissioned officers. The father read it and made notes in blue pencil. For example, he said these words: "Every lower rank should always and everywhere have a vigorous and dashing appearance, to behave with dignity." So we dad and see the newsreel.

— Of course. Thank God there are shots chronicle, which, we show, as was the father considered these banners with great attention, and I understand why. Many times he told me: it is very important to remember that we defeated the strongest army in the world.

Indeed, these German troops are undefeated in almost all of Europe and has gained a number of victories. But it is on the territory of our country, they were defeated, and now the banners of these German troops are in front of the winners. Their names my dad knew, because with these parts, he met on the battlefield. It was "Great Germany", and "Viking", and "Dead head", and "Galicia". He understood that the strength of our arms, art and courage of our soldiers has won this great victory, and now these banners will be left in Moscow to that wonderful place where he stood victors.

— It was. General David Abramovich Dragunsky was the commander of the 55th guards tank brigade, twice hero of the Soviet Union, participant of the battle for Berlin. But he was short in stature. And he was very nervous, it would take you to the parade. There was a story that David Abramovich was later told.

Waiting for the verdict Konev. He came, contenders built, it summed up to this little man and say that General Dragoons, fought well, but growth is not very suitable. And then the father said his famous words, he said, of course, with humor, but she went down in history: "When he's in Berlin was part of, we did not measure!". And we see in the newsreels, marching as brave tanker General of Dragoons.

Behind his father on the parade minted step of a whole range of his famous commanders who were fighting Russia, then freed a vast territory of Ukraine from Kharkiv to Lviv, then Poland, stormed Berlin, liberated Prague, where he finished his combat service. And privilegivm dad identified Aleksandr Aleksandrovich luchinskiy, tall, statuesque, stunningly beautiful commander of the 28th army.

As my dad said when he first saw Lucinschi, I realized that sees a symbol of the General guard. And the standard of the 1st Ukrainian front carried the legendary ACE fighter pilot, three times Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin. Dad is also very proud of.

— It was a lovely jacket, incredibly beautiful, of cloth of sea green, which had the name "castor", which translated from French means "beaver" – is so dense and shiny fabric.

But with the form linked our family fun legend. In addition to the uniform, my father made boots and spurs, which were to enhance the beauty and solemnity of the step. And now these boots have become the object of desire of my brother, who at that time was very much in love, courting a beautiful girl, who would later become his wife. And on the eve of the Victory day Parade rehearsal they decided to go to the suburbs to listen to the nightingales. It boots father had to help my brother to win the girl. And he took them without asking.

But when the brother returned home, the boots have not had such a solemn look. The father was terribly upset, was a very cool conversation. Nevertheless the boots were put in order. Now I'm keeping them as our family heirloom.