Family Konev did not want his monument was the victim of political games

The question of the fate of the monument to the Soviet commander, Marshal Ivan Konev, previously demolished in Prague, is not yet resolved, the family of the commander did not want the monument was the victim of a big political game, said the daughter of the Marshal Natalia Konev.

Earlier it was reported that Moscow and Prague in a few weeks will begin negotiations around the situation with a monument to Konev, told journalists on Monday the Ambassador of Czechia in Moscow Vítězslav Pivonka that was previously summoned to the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation in connection with a diplomatic scandal. According to the diplomat, the talks will be held at the level of Deputy foreign Ministers or special representatives of the government.

"The question of the monument, unfortunately, has not been solved to this day. You know, I'm just afraid that I would be right... this whole story is used, in particular, and in a very big political struggle, which there, too... Sometimes in this big fight political PR matters. I would not like to see the monument turned out to be exactly the victim of this political game," said Konev on a question of journalists, whether there is already a decision on the return of the monument to her father in Russia, during the round table dedicated to the memory of the victory in the great Patriotic war.

He added that he respects the position of defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, who said he can do a lot in order to buy the monument and take him to Moscow. Shoigu like the military man's special relationship to the commander, said Konev.

"You know, to continue, it will still be. And in light of the fact that we are fighting for our dignity, for our sovereignty... I think that this is yet another reason for the humiliation of the country, because my father is not just a kind of personality, and he is a man who defended the country and who led his troops to defeat fascism in Europe. I think the solution here is only one stop, actually, to speculate on this and humiliate our country in this way", she concluded.

In early April the authorities of the district Prague 6 the dismantled monument to Soviet Marshal Ivan Konev liberated the city from the Nazis in may 1945. According to the initiator of the dismantling, the head of the district of ondřej Kolář, the monument will be placed in the created by the city Museum memory of the twentieth century.

The Russian foreign Ministry called these actions "outrageous and cynical". The Kremlin said that Moscow would prefer to see a monument to Konev restored to Czech or Russian soil. The RF IC opened a criminal case over the desecration of symbols of Russia's military glory, committed publicly, the Russian investigators intend to prosecute participants of the demolition of the monument. Czech President Milos Zeman called the dismantling of the monument to stupidity, which made a slight Czech politics.