Interstate relations between Russia and Abkhazia

On 26 August 2008 Russian President signed a decree on recognition of independence of the Republic of Abkhazia. September 9, 2008 was established diplomatic relations.

Recognizing the independence of Abkhazia, Russia acted as a guarantor of its existence as an independent state and the peaceful future of the Abkhazian people. Interstate relations are developing steadily on the basis of Alliance and strategic partnership. The legal base of bilateral cooperation includes more than 100 bilateral documents at various levels, including the basic Treaty on friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance of 17 September 2008 and the Treaty on Alliance and strategic partnership on November 24, 2014.

Russian-Abkhazian political dialogue at the highest level is intense. Russian President Vladimir Putin twice visited Abkhazia on a working visit (8 August 2013 and 8 August 2017).

The President of Abkhazia (2014-2020) Raul Khajimba has repeatedly visited Russia on official visits in August (Moscow) and in November (Sochi) 2014, twice in may 2015 (Moscow), in February and December 2016 (Moscow).

24 Aug 2018, a meeting of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin with President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba and President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov, who visited Moscow on a working visit dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Russia's recognition of independence of the two States. At the end of the trilateral meeting held a separate meeting between Vladimir Putin and Raul khadjimba.

21 November 2018 in Sochi took place the meeting of the presidents of the two countries. During the talks, the leaders discussed the current state and prospects of development of bilateral socio-economic cooperation between the States.

6 Aug 2019 held a regular working visit of President of Abkhazia. In Sochi Vladimir Putin and Raul Khajimba discussed the current state and prospects of development of bilateral socio-economic cooperation. The meeting was held on the eve of the 11th anniversary of recognition of independence of Abkhazia and to establish diplomatic relations with the Republic.

March 23, 2020 Vladimir Putin sent a congratulatory telegram Aslan Bzhaniya's election to the presidency of the Republic of Abkhazia.

Working visits of Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov at Sukhumi took place on 26 April 2011 and April 18-19 2017.

Sergey Lavrov met with Minister of foreign Affairs of Abkhazia in April 2012, in March 2015, in March and in November 2016 to April 2019 in Moscow.

Regularly held Ministerial consultations. February 14, September 30 and December 5, 2019 in Moscow held consultations in the framework of the mechanism of foreign policy coordination established by the Memorandum between the foreign Ministry and the foreign Ministry of Abkhazia (2015). Russian and Abkhaz delegations are closely cooperating in the framework of the Geneva discussions on security and stability in Transcaucasia.

The Russian Federation is the main trade partner of Abkhazia (over 77% of trade turnover). In 2019 the Russian-Abkhazian trade turnover amounted to 282,234 million (in 2018 256,622 million dollars). Export – 211,424 million dollars, import – 70,910 million dollars.

The base of Russian exports are mineral products, food products and agricultural raw materials, chemical products, machinery, equipment and vehicles and other products. Import the food products and agricultural raw materials, textiles and footwear.

Russia provides massive financial and socio-economic promotion of the Republic. During the implementation of investment programs the Republic of Abkhazia from the Russian budget was allocated 23 billion rubles.

At the end of 2019, was approved by the Russian investment program for the years 2020-2022. Funding for three years amounted to 4.5 billion rubles, 1.5 billion rubles per year. The major share of these funds will be spent on capital repairs, modernization and upgrades in the energy sector, water supply, road infrastructure. This work koordiniruyutsya in the framework of the intergovernmental Commission on socio-economic cooperation between Abkhazia and Russia.

The next meeting of the intergovernmental Commission was held in December 2019 in Sukhum.

Registered in the Republic more than two hundred joint Russian-Abkhaz enterprises. The cooperation of private business is carried out mainly in the areas of communication, tourism, fuel and energy complex and construction.

The difficult situation in the region determines the particular relevance of cooperation in the security sphere. Based on the Agreement on joint Russian military base on the territory of Abkhazia of 17 February 2010 in the Republic deployed the 7th joint Russian military base protecting the sovereignty and security of Abkhazia, and in accordance with the Agreement on joint efforts in guarding the state border from April 30, 2009, the Border guard of FSB of Russia.

Dynamically developing interregional relations, which began even before the Russian recognition of Abkhazia's independence.

Abkhazia is among the popular tourist destinations among Russians. According to Rosstat, in 2019 Abkhazia was visited by 4.8 million Russian tourists.

The material is based on information RIA Novosti and open source