Michael Calvey told that he had a malignant tumor in the hip

Founder of investment Fund Baring Vostok American Michael Calvey told that she was suffering from a malignant tumor of the thigh, and asked the court to allow a walk in the sun, the correspondent of RIA news from the hall of the First court of appeal.

Earlier in today's session the defense has already reported the cancer disease Calvey, but the details were not specified. Lawyers dispute the extension of house arrest of American: trying either to cancel it or at least be allowed to walk on the street every day.

"The twentieth of March this year I was operated in connection with the presence of my subcutaneous tumor of the right thigh. Unfortunately, it was malignant... in Addition to the medical treatment doctors recommended I every day walking, spending time in the sun," said Calvey.

As explained by RIA Novosti, the lawyer Timofei Gridnev, after the operation, his client, a cycle of radiation therapy, is now in stable condition and the doctors continue to monitor his health.

The investigation believes that Calvi, with business partner Philip Zelalem and "other unidentified persons" convinced the shareholders of the Bank "East" to vote for the conclusion of agreements on compensation, according to which instead of debt repayment "East" was transferred 59.9% of the shares of the company Internationl Financial Technology Group. They were valued at 3 billion rubles, while the real cost of 600 thousand, according to RF IC.

The independent examination conducted by an order of protection, came to different results. According to lawyers, the market value of the disputed block of securities is 600 thousand rubles, and 3.8 billion.

None of the defendants in this case admitted guilt, now they and their defenders get acquainted with the materials of completed investigation.

Topic of criminal prosecution Calvey was repeatedly raised at the highest level. Last autumn it became known that at a business Breakfast with members of the Russian government this was stated by the representatives of the consultative Council on foreign investments. According to the latter, the situation is "not conducive" to improve the investment climate in the country.