Zhirinovsky called the position of the Communist party against the amendments to the Constitution barbarism

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky has called barbarism of the position of the Communist party against the amendments to the Constitution, Recalling that their representative was in the working group, and party ideas correlate with the proposed changes.

Earlier, the Central Committee of the Communist party made a statement that members of the party will not support the proposed voting amendment to the Constitution.

"We were together with the President, all the leaders of the four parliamentary factions. The same (Communist party leader Gennady) Zyuganov spoke about the support of their representative work in the working group. And now begin to step aside," - said Zhirinovsky told reporters.

"What they offer always have the amendments. So they are against it. That is barbaric... They are the same, Zyuganov and the Communist party, praised the amendment on the family, education, science and culture. What amendment they don't like?...", - said the leader of the liberal democratic party.

He reminded that amendments to the Constitution require targeted social assistance to the poor, the indexation of pensions, the minimum wage not below the subsistence minimum, affordable health care, which is especially important in a pandemic, no longer reduced to the hospital. It is also prohibited the seizure of territories, we introduce the norm of the Russian language as the language of the constituent people and pointed out that Russia is the legal successor of the USSR. In addition, Russian law will become more international, and secured the prohibition of dual citizenship to the authorities.

"A certain age, for the President long-term residence in Russia to be some irresponsible comrades broke to the presidential elections", - said Zhirinovsky

He believes that members of the Communist party "notation on the fly", and calls for action to the party.

"If they oppose the Constitution, then why should the state Duma be? The state Duma is the body designated this Constitution then you are against the Duma, against the President, against the government, against the country. The Constitution is the passport of our country, there is no election, there is no man who will become President, there is only the established authorities - Executive, legislative, judicial. But they are against," concluded Zhirinovsky.