The analyst explained the difference of perception of world war II in Russia and Europe

Article of Russian President Vladimir Putin is very useful, because it invites to discussions about the causes of the Second world war, at the same time, you need to consider the difference of perception of those events, the Russians and the Europeans, says German political scientist, head of project "German-Russian forum" Alexander Rahr.

At the same time, he noted that the English and the German press reacted to the article, Putin negatively. According to them, "the axiom of the Second world war that the priority memory is the Holocaust, not the glorification of the Soviet army".

In addition, Russia does not take into account that in the perception of Western Europeans Bolshevism was a more serious danger and a bigger enemy than Hitler. In addition, the Second world war, which was the main enemy of Nazism, lasted only six years, and the cold war with communism lasted for decades.

"In a political sense, especially for Eastern European countries less than France and Germany, there is an attempt through the politicization of the dispute around the Second world war to take Russia's great power status and a member of the UN security Council, to diminish Russian influence in the world... there Is a hybrid war for world order," - said Rahr.

Russia, in turn, through the victory "is trying to legitimize its status as a great power, which she had won in the Second world war", said the expert. Rahr also noted that the relatives of his wife (she is Russian origin) he sees that this holiday unites all Russians, regardless of their political views.

Putin wrote an article about the Second world war. It is called "the Actual lessons of the 75th anniversary of the Second world war." The President of the Russian Federation, in particular, writes that attempts to revise the results of world war I, which are observed today in the West, threaten the principles of peaceful development.