"Aeroflot" has told about the transportation of cells with injured dog

Cage with a dog that was injured during the flight of "Aeroflot", was fixed and moved correctly and carefully, the animal flight could hurt themselves, said the official representative of the carrier Mikhail Demin.

Previously, the daughter of the passenger "Aeroflot" has complained to media that her mother on arrival in Simferopol flight "Aeroflot" received a bloody cage with the dog. According to her, the animal's injured muzzle, gums and teeth.

"I can say from my own experience as a dog Walker with experience: this, unfortunately, happens sometimes. The dog can damage the jaw and teeth when trying to get out of the cell in flight. The flight is always stressful for the animal. The passenger we will respond officially in due time, after the clarification of circumstances", he added.

The head of the state Duma Committee on ecology and environmental protection Vladimir burmatov said earlier that re will submit a request to Aeroflot from another case of injury to the animal during transport in the Luggage compartment, and urged the airline to reconsider rules of transportation of Pets.

"Once again I appeal to the airlines and the Federal air transport Agency: Pets are not Luggage! An urgent need to make the rules of animal transportation more flexible, humane and responsive to the realities of our time, the interests of passengers and owners," wrote the MP in his Instagram.

In January Telegram-channel Baza reported that two cats were killed on Board the aircraft "Aeroflot" during the flight from new York to Moscow. According to the newspaper, passengers with three cats flew from America to Bulgaria with a change in "Sheremetyevo". During transport two cats was seriously injured and died, the third was diagnosed with frostbite. While carrying, which were subsequently killed animals, has been severely deformed.

The representative of "Aeroflot" said RIA Novosti that the incident is in the area of responsibility of the company "Sheremetyevo Handling", the carrier will make every reasonable effort to ensure the movers were brought to justice.

Burmatova later came the answer of the Prosecutor General's office request after the incident where it was reported that the airport "Sheremetyevo" has changed the technology of processing of Luggage of the passengers with Pets after the death of two cats on Board the plane from new York to Moscow. One airport officer involved in the death of animals, dismissed, others punished.