The PCT called upon to balance the requirements of the health resorts with a hotel

The requirements that CPS have developed Spa facilities, an urgent need to equate to those recommendations that the Agency offers hotels, said the honorary President of the Russian Union of travel industry (RST) Sergey Shpilko.

The PCT explained that the Russian sanatoria asked the authorities to soften the conditions of work. Due to the strict requirements of Rospotrebnadzor most of the resorts are unable to start the season, and the few that opened, working at a loss. The main beneficiaries in the current situation the hotel requirements that are much softer and generally uncontrolled private sector.

"The time has come for more active cooperation with the government of the Russian Federation, Federal tourism Agency and the regional authorities to normalize the situation in the industry. It turned out that the ready to combat the spread of coronavirus sphere – sankur – carries more of the losses. 430 thousand people in the sanatorium complex across the country, 6.5 million people who annually use the services of the industry" - quoted Shpilko, the press service of the PCT.

He also said that sankur actually haven't recovered in 2014, and now brings new losses.

"We can not allow this injustice. The first thing you need to take immediate action that would change the requirements of Rospotrebnadzor to sanatoriums, to level them with the hotel. And the second is to create tools to protect the interests of Sankara in the framework of the state Duma and Executive power," - commented the representative of the PCT.

Shpilko believes that in the current situation is still very much depends on heads of regions. "We assumed that the local authorities will be more loyal to the sanatorium-resort complex, than at the Federal level. But the situation is diametrically opposite. However, there are examples at the regional level are very well aware of the problems of Sankara. So, Stavropol authorities decided to allocate subsidies for sanatoriums testing personnel. It is unclear how this will work, but the step is significant," he said.

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