Media: the Director of "Jurassic World" will take the Thriller about Atlantis

American Director Colin Trevorrow, who directed the two part sci-Fi Thriller "Jurassic World," have teamed up with Universal Pictures to create a Thriller about a mythical island-state Atlantis, according to Deadline.

According to the publication, the script will be written by Dante Harper, based on the idea Trevorrow and playwright Matt Charman nominated for the award "Oscar" for the film "Spy bridge" (2015).

It is expected that in the new Thriller the Atlantis is not under water, and on a lost continent in the Indian ocean between Africa, India and Oceania. In the film, Trevorrow mythical city become a multicultural civilization, the inhabitants of which even their advanced technology.

At Deadline noted that the Director began developing the project in 2018, but kept secret, so his team led by producer Kevin Jenkins ("Star wars: Skywalker. Sunrise", 2019) properly thought through before writing the script.

Other details, including about the cast and the release date not yet disclosed.