Syria is ready to confront the US sanctions

Washington is trying to deprive the Syrian population, "the last piece of bread," using sanctions as a last weapon to achieve their goals in Syria, Syria is already taking steps to counter the effects of sanctions, said the foreign Minister Walid Muallem at a press conference in Damascus.

"They are a gang of liars. Those who want the good of the Syrian people, will not encroach on a piece of bread of the Syrian people. They use its latest weapon in the fight against Syria. The real goal is to bring the people to famine, to weaken the power and to bring the situation to more terrorism, as it was in 2011," - said Muallem.

The Syrian Minister noted that SAR has learned to resist the U.S. sanctions. He expressed confidence that Syria will be able to withstand and the law of "Caesar" (US sanctions). "We should take advantage of this law for the development of our domestic economy and strengthen relations with our friends. Our fight with the terrorists will not stop," he said.

"A new challenge for us is to correct mistakes made and start working program for our independence," - said Muallem.

The head of the Syrian foreign Ministry assured the media that the allies of Damascus not to turn away from Arab Republic and will continue to support and talk in the media about tension in the relations between Syria and Russia or between Russia and Iran are not justified and have nothing to do with reality.

The President of the United States Donald trump signed the law, which became known as "Caesar", at the end of 2019. It entered into force on 1 June and includes the sanctions, affecting virtually all sectors of the economy of Syria. The sanctions list was expanded on June 17, under the restriction got 14 people, including the wife of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad ASMA al-Assad and his sister Bushra al-Assad, as well as 21 organization.