The expert appreciated the words about a hypothetical conflict between Ukraine and Russia

Ukraine unsuccessfully ordered inherited from the Soviet military and industrial potential, and now pointless to even discuss her prospects in a hypothetical conflict with Russia, says military expert Igor Korotchenko.

He commented on the statement of the former Minister of transport and communications Yevhen Chervonenko that Ukraine "will never win" Russia in the war. The former official expressed the opinion that Kiev would "with dignity, without humiliation," to cooperate with Moscow without compromising their own interests.

He recalled that the Ukrainian SSR was one of the most prosperous republics in the Soviet Union. At the time of independence of Ukraine, according to the expert, received a developed industry, as well as military district – Kiev, Carpathian and Odessa, with huge stockpiles of weapons and a powerful grouping of troops. The starting conditions, the expert called "very good".

"But the process of building the Ukrainian national state failed historical project, as we are seeing now. It is obvious that Ukraine is not able to exist as a sovereign independent state because of the greed and irresponsibility of the political elite", - said Korotchenko.