Khakassia will become a pilot region for accessible travel in Russia

Khakasia will become one of the first tourist destinations developed by the Federal Agency for tourism available to travel around the country, said the Minister Zarina doguzova.

Speaking at a press conference, "Khakassia: the new direction of development of domestic tourism," she said that slowly from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok the country is open, tourism comes to life, and tourists can start planning their holidays. From 1 July kicks off the holiday season in many regions of the country.

"Khakassia is a new and unusual direction. It is clear that the Crimea and Krasnodar Krai traditionally very popular, but we proceeded from the fact that after a long sitting at home in quarantine for a want of unity with nature, to see more of the exotic," said doguzova.

"For those citizens who want to discover something new, the unexplored corners of our country, we are developing a completely new direction for Russia. Khakassia became the new direction in which we with the tour operator ANEX Tour has formed a pilot tours for residents of Moscow. We will continue to expand this program to other regions of our country", — commented the head of Department.

She also said that it was possible to form very affordable offers for travelling to Khakassia. According to the head of the Federal tourism Agency, a week-long tour starts from 26 thousand rubles, which includes flights and accommodation.