The Korean war 1950-1953

The Korean war – an armed conflict of 1950-1953 between the Democratic people's Republic of (North Korea) and the Republic of Korea (South Korea), one of the largest local wars of the XX century.

The war was fought with the participation of the DPRK side of the military contingent of China and military personnel and units of the Soviet air force on the side of South Korea by the armed forces of the United States and of the several States as part of the multinational UN forces.

Background the Korean war was laid in the summer of 1945, when the territory of the country at that time completely occupied by Japan, there were Soviet and American troops. In August 1945 the allies had agreed on the establishment of the Korean Peninsula dividing line along the 38th parallel, North of which the surrender of the Japanese troops took the USSR, South USA.

After the formation in 1948 of the two Koreas and the Peninsula, first Soviet and then American troops, both the Korean side and their main allies – the USSR and the USA were preparing for the conflict. The governments of the North and South, intended to unite Korea under their own power, and declared adopted in 1948 Constitutions.

In 1948, the United States and the Republic of Korea signed the agreement on the establishment of the South Korean army. In 1950 between the two countries signed an agreement on defense.

In North Korea by the Soviet Union was created by the Korean people's army. After the withdrawal of the Soviet Army from the DPRK in September 1948 all the weapons and military equipment was abandoned by the DPRK. The Americans withdrew their troops from South Korea in the summer of 1949, but left there about 500 advisers