In Peru, the discovery of Machu Picchu for tourists postponed indefinitely

In Peru, the discovery of the Inca city of Machu Picchu for tourists postponed indefinitely, reported Merco Press.

One of the main attractions of the country will not open on 1 July, as previously announced. The reason is the decision of the authorities of the Cusco region, fearing the outbreak of coronavirus.

On the postponement of the start date of the tourist season and insisted the trade unions of workers in the region who fear a new wave of proliferation COVID-19.

A new opening date of the attractions not yet named. The mayor of the district of Machu Picchu Darwin Tank said that visitors can be put the need for mandatory testing.

Now the airports in Peru remain closed, not many work shops. But despite a series of austerity measures, the country was the second largest in Latin America, the number of cases of coronavirus – infected about 250 thousand people. Eight thousand sick died.