In Moscow the club of youth entrepreneurship

A club for young entrepreneurs Business Update opens in Moscow, he will oversee the Department of business and innovation development, according to the website of the mayor and government of Moscow.

As noted by the Deputy mayor Natalia Sergunina, whose words are reported, the aim of the club is to help young people in a creative and professional realization, and also with the launch of the first business projects.

Members of the youth club will receive support when you output your project to the market and internship opportunities at leading Moscow companies.

A basic tool for members of the club will be multifunctional online platform. It will allow you to participate in contests, case Championships, pitching sessions, hackathons and accelerators. In the section "Exchange opportunities" on the website will be updated with information about internships, training courses and vacancies, and at the same time on the premises for startups, rented in the industrial parks and co-working spaces.

In the financial unit you will learn about ways to obtain funding for project development, to find the list of state institutions, private investors and banks that support small business. Also assumed legal support and a section for networking.

In addition, on the online platform Business Update is an internal social network with blogs and a "Bulletin Board", educational unit. Visitors will be able to consult the mentor and yourself to improve your skills. For example, the website contains video tutorials, informative articles and recordings of successful businessmen.