The mayor of Seattle urged the protesters to release the "Autonomous zone"

American mayor of Seattle Jenny Durkan said that protesters proclaimed in the Central part of the city "Autonomous zone" need to go home, after last weekend in this area the shooting occurred.

"The consequences for businesses, local residents and community now too great," she said.

Durkan said that instead of confrontation, the city authorities prefer to reach a negotiated solution, but the chief of police of Seattle Carmen best said at the same time that law enforcement officers will seek broader authority for the use of force.

"There is no specific date by which I can promise that everything will be resolved, but we will continue to work with our... partners and organizations led by blacks, to begin to let them come in and talk to the people who are there... and to encourage them to protest in another way and in another place," - said the mayor of Seattle.

Earlier, the protesters in Seattle was announced in the Central part of the city "Autonomous zone", police officers were ordered to leave the area to reduce tensions. NBC News reports that, according to local residents, Monday in the area was from 200 to 250 tents installed by protesters.

On Saturday, protesters in the controlled territory the shooting occurred. According to a statement by Seattle police, the police arrived about 2: 30 after receiving reports of gunfire, but the crowd did not let their victims. Later the police reported that both men injured, was taken to hospital. One of them, 19-year-old man died, another remained in hospital in critical condition. Police failed to identify the shooter.

Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump wrote on Twitter that "domestic terrorists seized Seattle", and criticized the Governor of Washington state Jay and Margie reiger mayor Jenny Durkan that, in his opinion, do not struggle with the disorder. In response to this Durcan advised Trump to "get back to the bunker".