In Yakutia extinguish forest fires on the area more than 600 hectares of

Nine forest fires on a total area of over 600 hectares of stew in Yakutia, reports the operational headquarters of the Republic.

According to the operative information on forest fires on June 23, today a localized fire in the Mountain district. For the past day eliminated 4 of the forest fire on the area of 92 hectares in Verhneviljujsk, Lena, Namsky, Ust-Maysky regions. To extinguish fires brought 259 people, 20 pieces of equipment.

Since the beginning of the fire season on the territory of the forest Fund was 187 forest fires with a total area of 446 391,76 hectares, of which actively protected the forest 75 forest fires on the area of 5 hectares 559,76.

Previously the scientific Director of hydrometeorological centre Roman Vilfand has told RIA Novosti that the daytime temperatures in Northern Siberia this week will exceed the norm by 10-12 degrees. According to him, increase the risks of wildfires.