The competition on speed digging of the graves was moved to Omsk

Competition for high-speed digging graves in the framework of the forum funeral agencies in Vladivostok moved to Omsk, but will be held in Primorye "drift" to the hearse, told RIA Novosti the representative of the organizing Committee of the exhibition "Necropolis".

Earlier, local media, citing information from the website of Necropolis Expo reported that in August in Artyom on the platform "Priming" will be held regional forum-exhibition "NECROPOLIS-PRIMOR 2020", which will take place the competition on speed, digging graves. The site was posted information about the contest participation conditions: the dimensions of the pit, besides, the coffin must log in with the grave the first time. Later information about the contest from the site was removed. The website also reported that "the technical capabilities of the hearse will demonstrate professional pilot".

The representative of the company "DV-Granit", which plans to participate in the forum, on Monday told RIA Novosti that the holding in Vladivostok contest for the digging of graves was discussed, but it was not approved. The head of "Priming" Leonid Kopylov has told RIA Novosti that the forum and the contest will be held at the Expo center.

According to her, it is not known where will take place the exhibition in Vladivostok.