Balloons with leaflets sent to North Korea, found in a different part of South Korea

Balloons with anti-North Korean leaflets sent on the eve of the South Korean nongovernmental organization "Alliance of movements for the freedom of Korea," from the frontier town of Paju on the West coast of the Korean Peninsula, was found on South Korean territory, 70 kilometers southwest of the launch site, according to Yonhap news Agency, citing the police.

Vinyl balls with a diameter of 2-3 meters, was found hanging on a tree in a mountainous area of the County hongcheon-gun province Cansado. Next also discovered several leaflets. The posters, attached to balloons, photos of Kim Jong UN, Kim Il sung, younger sister of the current leader of the DPRK Kim Yu-Jeong, and calls not to forget the history of the Korean war and to rise up against "aggressors and murderers of their own nation."

County of hongcheon-gun is located approximately 50 kilometers South of the military demarcation line separating North and South Korea.

Earlier, the "Alliance of movements for the freedom of Korea," consisting primarily of North Korean defectors living in the South, said that yesterday around midnight was launched in the direction of the DPRK 20 large balls with half a million leaflets telling about "the truth about the horrors of the Korean war". In addition, North Korea sent 500 brochures titled "the Republic of Korea is a country that has become real", 2 thousand banknotes in denominations of 1 dollar and a thousand SD cards.

According to the leader of the Alliance, Park sang-HAK, due to the constant surveillance of the police, who attempted to stop sending, this time for the launch answered not permanent members of the organization, and hastily trained recruits. In addition, due to the fact that before the Alliance hydrogen was confiscated to launch balloons with leaflets were used helium, which is 17 times cheaper and less effective. However, as the activist noted, "the flyers caught wind and started into the direction of the North."

The Ministry of unification of South Korea said earlier that it has cancelled the registration of the "Alliance of the movement for a free Korea" and is preparing to request the police to open a criminal case against this organization and movement "Chunsam", headed by the brother of the leader of the Alliance of Pak Chong O. They planned to incriminate the violation of the law on inter-Korean cooperation from non-compliance with the rules of obtaining permissions to move items across the border. In addition, according to the Ministry, the activists sending leaflets to the North, risk the safety of the residents of the border areas and pollute the environment, as the majority of leaflets did not reach the DPRK and remains in the form of garbage on the territory of South Korea.

Sending North Korean defectors balloons with propaganda leaflets was the reason for the recent deterioration of relations between Seoul and Pyongyang. The DPRK repeatedly demanded to stop these actions in accordance with the joint statement of the leaders of South and North 2018 waiver of hostility against each other. But activists continued to send the leaflets, and Pyongyang declared that "his patience is over."

Despite the Express promises of the South Korean government to take a number of measures designed to smooth over the situation and to prevent the activists to send leaflets North Korea at reconciliation did not go. The sixteenth of June, the DPRK blasted situated on its territory near the demilitarized zone (DMZ) in Kaesong, the building of the coordinating Bureau of South Korea. The next day, the General staff of the DPRK announced that it will introduce troops to the border areas and will resume teaching there, return civilian police to the posts of the military police in the demilitarized zone, which were released by agreement with the South in 2018, and will once again campaign against South Korea.