The foreign Ministers of Russia, India and China will hold talks

The Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday to discuss with colleagues in the format of Russia-India-China further deepening of trilateral cooperation, including in the fight against global crises.

The talks of RICK will be held online. But not only the coronavirus pandemic will affect the course of this meeting almost to the last moment, it remained unclear whether it will be held at all, given the escalation in the region of Ladakh, where the line of actual control between India and China.

Announcing the meeting, Lavrov stressed that its agenda is nearly complete, and the format of RICK, in principle, does not involve the discussion of controversial issues between the participating countries.

Traditional place for meeting of foreign Ministers of Russia, India and China with rare exceptions, are capitals of countries predsedateli. But this year, in connection with the coronavirus restrictions, most of the negotiations have moved into the online format. Opposition COVID-19 and crises of the pandemic, expected to become one of the main themes of the consultations Lavrov, Subramaniam of Jaishankar and Wang Yi.

"States RIC participants agreed on the need for collective search for the answer to this and similar threats, Reaffirming the Central role in this process should belong to the UN, and attempts to use the current crisis situation in order to gain unilateral benefits at the expense of safety and the interests of other countries are unacceptable," - said the Russian foreign Ministry, anticipating the negotiations.

According to experts, this thesis will be reflected in the joint communiqué following the meeting, given the relentless accusations from Washington to Beijing about the reasons for the emergence of a new coronavirus - especially after the next flash COVID-19 is already in the capital of China.

Another theme of the conference will be a celebration of the 75th anniversary of the end of world war II. As noted in the Russian foreign Ministry, the symbolism of the meeting is the fact that it takes place directly before the Parade of Victory in Moscow on June 24. "Together with Russian soldiers on red square will also contingents from India and China, which is a clear evidence linking the peoples of our countries shared history," - said in depodesta.

Foreign policy context, the worsening of regional disputes - not for the first time has an impact on the preparation of the meeting of the foreign Ministers of RIC. In 2019, just before the meeting of the Ministers in Chinese Ujene, on the verge of direct military confrontation was almost India and Pakistan.

This year the escalation is already among the States members of the NEC: the long-standing territorial dispute between Beijing and new Delhi about the affiliation of the border mountainous area in the Himalayas have flared up in may after a series of incidents in Ladakh - where the line of actual control. Fifteenth of June, as a result of another collision, according to Indian authorities, killed 20 soldiers.

Experts do not exclude that against the backdrop of escalating the conference, RICK may even be postponed. But the point in discussion was put Lavrov, who on 17 June said that the agenda of the upcoming meeting and agreed overall agenda format RICK "does not imply discussion of issues relating to bilateral relations of any country with the other party".

It is difficult to predict whether the foreign Ministers of India and China to do without the statements concerning the conflict on the basis of consultations, but it is clear that the parties before the online conference tried to make every effort to de-escalate, given that both countries have considerable stocks of nuclear weapons.

"It definitely makes the honor two political leaders of these countries. Of course, there are forces that are interested in how to divert attention from the problems that exist today, including as a result of the pandemic coronavirus. But I think that is the problem that has escalated (between India and China - ed.) is quite amenable to decision", - said RIA Novosti former Russian Ambassador in India, General of the army Vyacheslav Trubnikov.