The South Korean NGO, sent half a million leaflets towards the DPRK

Six members of South Korean nongovernmental organization "Alliance of movements for the freedom of Korea" on Monday evening launched towards the DPRK 20 large balls with half a million leaflets telling about "the truth about the horrors of the Korean war," reads the press release of the organization at the disposal of RIA Novosti.

The leaflets were launched from the village of Tahini pertaining to border city Paju. The village is located 7 km from the river Imjingang, which is on the West coast of the Korean Peninsula is the military demarcation line separating North and South Korea. 20 kilometers North-West from this place is the Kaesong industrial complex, where earlier in response to the ongoing sending of propaganda leaflets by South Korean activists had blown up the inter-Korean liaison office.

In addition to the leaflets in the DPRK, sent 500 brochures titled "the Republic of Korea is a country that has become real", 2 thousand banknotes in denominations of 1 dollar and a thousand SD cards.

In a press release stressed that the Alliance cannot accept the fact that 21st century regimes "conducting public executions in the form of execution of the anti-aircraft guns and beating people to death in political prison camps."

The organization sharply criticizes the government, and moon Jae-In, which, by means of agreements with the DPRK, "deceived their own people, presenting the case as if Kim Jong UN wants to get rid of nuclear weapons." According to the Alliance, the attempts of the South Korean authorities to establish cooperation with the North is similar to the efforts of the British Prime Minister Chamberlain hoped to achieve peace by signing a Treaty with Hitler.

"The Alliance of movements for the freedom of Korea," also claims that its members only want to bring the truth to their brothers in the North, and its activity does not threaten the South Korean residents of border areas, as they are not sent to the DPRK neither poisonous nor explosive.

"We have a cruel enemy Kim Jong-UN, and behind us a threatening mode moon Jae-In, rolled down to the servants of our main enemy. But the lonely struggle of North Korean refugees... was a just struggle for freedom and the liberation of 20 million people of North Korea. We without any fear of death or incarceration will tomorrow continue sending to North Korea's letters of truth and righteousness, which are leaflets," - said in a press release.

"The Alliance of the movement for a free Korea" was founded by a native of North Korea, Park sang-HAK defected to the South in 1999 For his active anti-North Korean activities, and sending the leaflets, he was often criticized by progressive-minded circles in South Korea. In 2011, he was assassinated by an employee of the North Korean intelligence services.

The Ministry of unification of South Korea said earlier that it intends to request the police to open a criminal case on the "Alliance of movements for the freedom of Korea and Chunsam", headed by the brother of the leader of the Alliance of Pak Chong O. They planned to incriminate the violation of the law on inter-Korean cooperation from non-compliance with the rules of obtaining permissions to move items across the border. In addition, according to the Ministry, the activists sending leaflets to the North, risk the safety of the residents of the border areas and pollute the environment, as the majority of leaflets did not reach the DPRK and remains in the form of garbage on the territory of South Korea.