Director of the Khabarovsk camp "Kholdomi" was released under house arrest

The Central district court of Komsomolsk-on-Amur in Khabarovsk region changed the measure of restraint in form of detention to house arrest to the Director of children's camp "Kholdomi" where in 2019, a fire occurred with the death of children, told RIA Novosti in court.

On the night of July 23, 2019 at a campground ski resort "Kholdomi" in the Solar area of Khabarovsk territory there was a fire. In the camp there were 189 children burned 20 of the 26 tents, four children died. He was arrested by the camp Director Maxim Kuznetsov, the founder and Director of "Extreme Service" Vitaly boatmen who owns the camp "Kholdomi". The chief of Department of supervision and preventive maintenance of Solar municipal area of control and Supervisory activity of GUMCHS of Russia across Khabarovsk Krai Edward Novgorod was under house arrest.

"In the petition for prolongation of a preventive measure Kuznetsov in the form of detention is denied. The measure of restraint changed to house arrest until July 22nd," - said in court.

As follows from the materials placed on the court's website, in March this year changed the measure of restraint for Burlakova from detention to house arrest. In may, the petition for extension of term of house arrest was granted.