In Primorye, the South Korean TV channel made a film about tigers and leopards

One of the largest South Korean television Educational Broadcasting System (EBS) was removed in the national Park "Land of leopard" in Primorye, a documentary about Amur tigers and far Eastern leopards, according to the institution.

Earlier, the leopards and tigers lived throughout the Korean Peninsula, but in the early XX century they were destroyed. Today, South Korea is studying the possibility of restoring populations of rare cats.

Premiere on the channel passed on June 22. Shooting in the national Park began in March 2019, and ended in January 2020. The channel used photocrati.

"Leopards and tigers are very important for all Koreans and is traditionally considered a symbol of our country... Telling their fellow citizens about the wild cats of Russia, we hope to give a new impulse to the public discussion of the issue of the return of extinct species on the Korean Peninsula," – says the producer of the film With Jung, whose words are reported.

Also the film tells about horse, the far Eastern forest cat and the Amur Goral.

The national Park "Land of leopard" is the habitat of the rarest large cats in the world - the Amur leopard. These carnivores live only in southwest Primorsky Krai, and on a small area of China bordering Russia, and probably North Korea. The bulk of the population lives in the national Park. In 2019 there were 97 adult individuals, eight individuals more than the previous year.