The Admiral told how to respond to the purchase of boats from USA

Russia will be able to easily answer the acquisition of Ukraine of 16 new patrol boats from the United States, it needs to strengthen the item-based in Temryuk missile and artillery weapons, and place in the Azov sea more boats and trawlers, said former black sea fleet commander (1998-2002), Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov.

He commented on the publication of the fact that in response to the strengthening of the Ukrainian Navy American boats Mark VI Russia needs to consider the creation of the Azov flotilla in the black sea fleet. The United States decided to sell Ukraine 16 patrol boats Mark VI, armed with artillery and missiles AGM-176C Griffin B (Block II).

He said that the item in Temryuk could be equipped with speedboats and minesweepers, as in the shallow region will remain mine danger. In addition, there is to put coastal missile complexes "Redut" and "Rubezh" and artillery.

"In contrast, it is necessary to take some measures. But they should be adequate. As they say, Suvorov, although this is the sea, "not the ability", that is not quantity, but quality. All the conditions for that. Allows long-range weapons. It is also important to have a monitoring system which could monitor, in particular, and the coast, which belongs to Ukraine", - said the Admiral.

However, the idea of creating a separate fleet on the Azov sea Komoedov did not like, as it would imply a large organizational complexity. At the same time, he recommended to strengthen not only the base in Temryuk, but also the Azov coast of the Crimea.