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The expert explained why Ukraine has purchased us boats

The naval forces of Ukraine after receiving 16 the American boat will be strengthened in the battle plan slightly, but will increase their "provocative potential," said RIA Novosti Chairman of the Russian national fleet support movement (MEDEF) captain first rank Mikhail Nenashev.

He commented on the publication of the fact that in response to the strengthening of the Ukrainian Navy American boats Mark VI Russia needs to consider the creation of the Azov flotilla in the black sea fleet. The United States decided to sell Ukraine 16 patrol boats Mark VI, armed with artillery and missiles AGM-176C Griffin B (Block II).

He added that to counter Russia has enough forces in the black sea and Azov regions, creating additional forces are not required. Possible, perhaps, to strengthen sea border security.

"Boats so, for those who are not familiar with, they can tell. Aluminum hull boat with a Kalashnikov rifle is a light ... the Boat is more for customs to fight smugglers. One RPG is enough to completely sink the ship", — said Nenashev.

In addition, according to the Chairman of MEDEF, Ukraine will face the problem of recruitment of crews for new boats. As an example, he cited transferred to the United States in 2019, two boats of type Island. Despite the fact that it's been more than six months, Ukraine is still not "launched into the case".

In General, the American supply boats says about the sad state of the Ukrainian military-industrial complex, which in Soviet times were huge, said Nenashev.