Scientists said about 8.7 million cases COVID-19 in the United States.

American scientists suggest that more than 8.7 million people in the US were infected COVID-19 in March, but 80% of the patients were not tested for the coronavirus.

Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, Cornell University and the University of Montana estimated the number of people with symptoms of SARS, which did not check for the presence of coronavirus. It turned out that in March was a significant jump in such cases.

"These results suggest a conceptual model of the epidemic COVID-19 in the United States, characterized by the rapid spread in the United States, where more than 80% of infected patients remain undiagnosed," - said in the text of the study, published on the website of the journal Science Traslational Medicine.

In a statement on the website of the University of Pennsylvania says that according to official data, during this period of March, the number of cases amounted to 100 thousand.

"At first I could not believe that our assessment is correct. But we realized that the cases of death in the United States has doubled every three days, our calculation of the infection rate corresponded to a doubling every three days after it became known about the first case of infection in Washington January 15," are available on the website of the University of Pennsylvania the words of the scientist Justin Silverman.

According to the latest Hopkins University in the U.S. recorded 2.3 million cases of coronavirus.

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