Kamchatka said about the transition to the "Moscow model" anti-COVID-19

Kamchatka completes the reconfiguration of the health care system and goes to the "Moscow model" combating coronavirus infections, reports a press-service of the regional government.

It is noted that these activities are conducted according to the recommendations of the panel of experts who were sent to help the Kamchatka Moscow mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

According to him, also to the end of the week in Kamchatka is finally debugged the new system of laboratory work. The results of tests for the presence of infection will be conducted within 48 hours.

According to authorities, the region's hospitals "aftercare". Outpatients who carry COVID-19 in the form of light homes, now free provide for special medicines. In addition, the continuing involvement of experts from other regions. To replace those who have finished with the business trip to Kamchatka, in the near future will arrive 10 civilians and three military medic.

According to the latest data, in the Kamchatka region was 1 793 people infected COVID-19, of which 573 people have recovered, 38 patients died.

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